How do I make a Gemini man jealous?

He doesn’t care enough about you, does he? I hear so many women complain that their boyfriend or Gemini partner doesn’t pay enough attention to them. That he doesn’t understand how she feels. Yet he feels many things. He just has difficulty expressing his feelings. So if you want him to understand you better, there are better ways than making him jealous. And if you want to get him back after a break-up, read the following advice very carefully, because Gemini is different from other zodiac signs in this respect.
Let me tell you how to make a Gemini man jealous and if it can help you get him back after a breakup. Let’s see what astrology can teach us about the psychology and personality of the man born under this zodiac sign!

Are Gemini men jealous and possessive?

I said that they feel a lot of emotions. But does a Gemini man feel jealousy? The answer is simple: not really. Gemini men may feel jealous from time to time, but it’s not easy to make them really jealous. I mean insanely jealous. They don’t work that way.
That’s because they have a very positive outlook on life. Anything that interferes with the utopia they want to build is not welcome in their lives. Only when they have been deeply hurt by a loved one will they react negatively.
The Gemini man does not understand the need to be jealous. Even when his friends become jealous of someone or something, he cannot understand why. We can say that he is content with what he has been given. And considers obstacles as adventures. Then what exactly should he be jealous of?
He has confidence in himself. This is probably the real reason why he is rarely jealous. Most men in other signs of the zodiac get jealous because of their insecurities. But if you feel you already have everything you need, why would you be jealous of anyone?
He hates drama. The Gemini man sees jealousy and obsession as drama. He will never go down a path that will only cause him trouble or worry. That is why he also avoids confrontation. All this is too dramatic for him.
He sees your infidelity as an opportunity. The Gemini man likes to flirt and seduce. So the idea that you might cheat on him might give him the opportunity to flirt. He doesn’t necessarily see it as a betrayal. More like a blessing in disguise. Can you make a man jealous when he thinks like that?

How do I make a Gemini man jealous?

If you ask me for advice, I would frankly advise you against making him jealous. He might end up resenting you for using such tactics more than he resents being jealous. So it is best to make him feel responsible for hurting you. Be careful: if you’ve broken up, there are other ways to win him back. We will talk about that in a moment.
Express your sadness in his presence. Let him know that he has done something wrong. He is used to people being happy and cheerful when he is around. If your face is down, he will naturally know that something is wrong. It will be a good opportunity to voice your concerns.
Avoid him. You are trying to get his attention. Do it without paying any attention to him. If he is there, start texting on your phone. If you walk past him in a room, pretend you didn’t notice. Just the usual procedure to avoid someone. Finally, you know the drill.
Say you will find comfort elsewhere. Does his lover have to go to someone else to share his grief? How bad can it be? You don’t necessarily have to find another man for the job. Your friends can help you with this deception. But the underlying premise is that they know you need to seek comfort from someone else.
Go home late. If he knows you are avoiding coming home early, he will be worried. Where are you? What’s going on that you don’t want to come home? Is it something he’s done? Doesn’t he make you happy anymore? Your sadness will be much more problematic for him than your infidelity.
He will find the rest on his own. The man born under the sign of the zodiac Gemini has a great capacity for analysis. Therefore, he always has a solution for every problem. So if you are able to pass on your unhappiness, he will eventually understand that something is wrong. In the meantime, do not confront him. Confrontation will only make him walk away or leave. If he asks you what is wrong, talk to him. Make it clear to him what is going on. He will figure it out.

How does the Gemini man show his jealousy?

So your Gemini man gets jealous? You’ve discovered a rare species…. Maybe he has an Aries or Cancer ancestry. Either way, here are some signs that will help you know if he is jealous.
He seems unhappy when you talk about other men. Does his smile fade when you mention male friends? Or does he try to change the subject immediately? Either way, you can tell he’s jealous when he acts like this.
A man who avoids confrontation makes his displeasure known. The Gemini man deals with the things that make him angry by avoiding them. So when he risks confrontation to make his displeasure known, he is angry with you.
When you talk about something that makes him jealous, he pretends not to listen. He still tries to avoid confrontation. He tells himself that if he gives the impression that he is not interested in what you have to say, you will stop talking about it. Pay attention to his behaviour and attitude during these kinds of conversations.
Does he act strangely? I am sure that many things he does already seem strange to you. But don’t you have the feeling that there is something wrong with him? As if he is not himself. That’s probably a sign of jealousy.
Can you win back a Gemini man by making him jealous?
No, making him jealous doesn’t work. But if you are trying to get your Gemini man back after a breakup, here are some other tips that can help you win back his heart.
Start by being confident and independent. A Gemini man does not fall in love again with a self-pitying woman. That is the most unpleasant thing for him.
Stay in touch even after the separation. This is key because he will not follow your profile on social media to see what you are up to. When your initial grief is over and you have recovered, get back in touch with him.
Show him how full of life and energy you are. Life for him is all about adventure and happiness. So if he feels he is missing that because he is not with you, he will rethink his decision.

Tell him that you still have feelings for him. Take the opportunity to tell him how you feel when you talk about your relationship. But don’t give them the impression that you expect them to get back together. If he hasn’t processed the break-up yet, this might drive him away. Just play it gently so you can pull him towards you and win his heart back without him noticing.

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