How do I make an Aquarius man jealous?

How do I make an Aquarius man jealous?

It’s hard to understand an Aquarius man. You are not the first to wonder if he is not from another planet. He shows a lot of emotions, but they don’t really represent how he feels. He is a man who is able to ignore the woman he marries and laugh with a woman he hates. So it’s not surprising that people can sometimes misinterpret his behaviour or misunderstand his feelings. So one wonders how to make him jealous and, more importantly, what effect jealousy has on him. If it can get his attention. Or you want to know if an Aquarian’s jealousy can cause him to come back after a break-up.
Fortunately, astrology is here to help us better understand this man’s psychology and personality. Here’s everything you need to know about making an Aquarius man jealous.

Are Aquarius men jealous and possessive?

Can a man born under the zodiac sign Aquarius be made jealous? You are not the first to ask this question. And certainly not the last. Actually, I’m not quite sure I can answer this question correctly, but let me try.
Aquarius men are not really jealous, but their actions can give the impression that they are. It sounds like he is jealous. But there is certainly another explanation for his behaviour. To find out, you have to understand his personality.
He has persistent trust issues, but they don’t translate into jealousy. It takes a long time for a man born under the star sign Aquarius to start trusting someone. If he sees you doing something that is not worthy of his trust, he will react negatively. But this does not mean that he is jealous, only that he no longer trusts you.
Your own jealousy may have triggered a change in his behaviour. The Aquarius man is as loyal as possible. At least if he is in love with you and committed to your relationship. But there is one thing you should know: He doesn’t respond well to clingy or possessive women. So if you try to provoke his jealousy, he may react strangely.
If he trusts you, he will not be jealous. In this case, it is not really worth provoking this feeling in him because he does not like it.
Moreover, he sees the attempt to make him jealous as an act of deception. How will he trust someone who tries to deceive him? Perhaps you should reconsider this path if you care about him.

How do I make an Aquarius man jealous?

We have already established that he cannot be made jealous. Certainly not in the most common way. So how do you get his attention? Start by changing your motives. Instead of trying to make him jealous, try to make the Aquarius man obsessed with you. Or addicted. How do you get an Aquarius man attracted to you and unable to do without you? Here are some tips and tricks:
Pretend you don’t care about him. Now he pretends that he doesn’t care about attention. But he actually wants it. So if you pretend he doesn’t matter, it will probably worry him. He will try to understand what is going on, and in doing so he will pay a lot of attention to you. Reverse psychology works remarkably well with this man.
Don’t give him everything. To fascinate him, you have to keep the secret behind his veil. If he has already found out everything about you, he will move on. Even in long-term relationships, the Aquarius man can lose interest in a woman he knows too well. So develop new secrets. Don’t lie to him, because he will see it and it will have the opposite effect. But if he wants to know something about you, don’t tell him everything. Let him marinate and arouse his curiosity a little.
Use psychological techniques. For an Aquarius man to take after you, you must also appeal to his subconscious. You need to leave an impression on his conscious and unconscious mind. Here are some ways to do this. Pour some of your perfume in his room (when he is not looking, of course). Your scent will remind him of your presence. And he will associate you with the comfort and safety of the home. It is an effective way to boost his confidence subconsciously.
Differentiate yourself from the others. If you act clichéd, he will run as far away as he can. Make him realise that you are the ideal woman, a unique woman he will not find anywhere else. The only woman who is capable of understanding her original and unique personality. Do things differently. Be spontaneous. Make him happier when you are there.
Never show your jealousy. There is nothing worse than a jealous woman to discourage an Aquarius man. He values his independence too much to be caught up in suffocating emotions. So even if you are jealous of something, try to be open with him about it. Make it clear to him how you feel. Sometimes you might think he doesn’t understand, but he doesn’t. And he will do whatever it takes to make things right.

How does the Aquarius man show jealousy?

If you try to make him jealous with old tricks or seduction recipes, he will get upset, more than jealous. After all, you may not be able to tell if he is jealous or upset. So here are some signs to help you understand how he really feels.
He will behave more strangely than usual. You know that he sometimes behaves strangely. But this will be different. His behaviour will seem more suspicious than usual. For example, he will be overly cheerful for no reason. Or too distant. Either way, you will know that something is up and that you may have gone too far.
You will feel that he is running away or distancing himself from you. When an Aquarius man feels rejected, his only reaction is to cut all ties. This does not happen immediately, but you can see that he is moving away. It will also be a sign that it is time to make amends and end this little game so he can come back for good.
He will be irritated, but he will not confront you. When an Aquarius man makes the decision to leave someone, he leaves them for good. He will not even try to discuss it with you because it will seem useless to him. So he will show his disappointment in a hostile way, but there will be no direct confrontation.
And eventually he will start flirting with other women. Now that he has ended your relationship, he will look for another partner. From that moment on, it will be extremely difficult to go back.

Can you win back an Aquarius man by making him jealous?

I will put it as simply as possible: No! Making him jealous will not help you get him back or make him come back. So how do you get an Aquarius man to come back after a breakup? It won’t be easy and it will be a long process. But if you are willing to make the effort and sacrifice, then let’s get started.
Make him feel that he is in control. Talk to him about the things that are important in your relationship. Don’t allow the situation to become confusing or destabilising because he is a man who runs away from chaos and drama.
Stay in the present. Talking about the past or the future makes him sick. This applies to anything concerning men born under the zodiac sign Aquarius.
Do not throw yourself at his feet. He will never respect or fall in love with someone who does not respect himself. Keep your dignity and be persistent.

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