10 signs that a Capricorn woman is in love

10 signs that a Capricorn woman is in love

Are you attracted to her and feel like it’s mutual? But you’re also not quite sure and would like to have certainty. How can you know if a Capricorn woman is in love? Whether she has feelings for you and thinks of you as more than just a friend? How does a Capricorn woman act and behave when she is in love? What signs betray her interest?
Let me tell you some secrets about Capricorn women and their most intimate desires.

Here are ten signs that show a Capricorn woman secretly loves you.

1. A Capricorn woman in love is very loyal.

There is no competition for a Capricorn woman’s loyalty once she has decided to give her heart to a man.
She will never play with anyone’s feelings and cannot understand why anyone would. She needs time to commit, but when she does, there is no reason to ask herself questions.
Manipulation, deception or even concealment do not exist in her world. Once she makes up her mind about someone, you can be sure that she will never play with your trust – until her last breath.

2. she puts your happiness above her own

A Capricorn woman is very affectionate with the man she loves.
For her, dating is a serious business and if she sees the relationship as promising, your happiness becomes her biggest concern. She plans to start a family, even though she knows it won’t be possible right away, and when a man shares her life, she gives her all to see if the relationship can work and her plans come to fruition.
If she already makes you feel at home, make no mistake, she has consciously made every effort. Therefore, even if she has not yet expressed her feelings for you, you will clearly notice her intentions if she is concerned about your well-being and satisfaction.

3. she strives for security

While a Capricorn woman is outwardly strong and stable, she desperately seeks comfort from the person she confides in.
To the world at large, she is the stylish and ambitious woman who spares no one who does not deserve her trust. But deep inside, she longs not only for a man with a soft heart, but also for a man who can take responsibility for her deepest fears and insecurities.
If it was you who piqued her interest, a Capricorn woman will want your company and loyalty and seek peace in your presence. You will see how secure she feels when you are there, as if she has already conquered the world.

4. She will open her heart and reveal her feelings.

A Capricorn woman sometimes acts a bit stiff and can often be misunderstood as she seems distant and lacks commitment. Inside, however, Capricorn women are very sensitive and emotional people. They do not want to show this trait explicitly.
If a Capricorn woman has feelings for you, considers you more than a friend or is even already in love with you, she will open her heart to you in one way or another.

5. she trusts you with all her heart

Everything for a Capricorn woman has to go through a process and after a careful analysis as well as a dose of caution.
She finds it difficult to trust anyone, especially if she has been hurt in a previous love relationship. She is not the type of person who falls in love at first sight when she first meets someone. Gaining her trust takes time, even with her closest friends.
If a Capricorn woman gives you her trust, it is a very clear sign that she values you and has feelings for you, be it friendship or love.

6. she will be your best confidante

She will be your best friend, sometimes enlightening you with her flashes of wit and sense of humour.
If you are looking for a woman whom you can trust completely and with whom you can make long-term plans, the Capricorn woman is the ideal partner for you. She will listen to you and you can ask her for advice.
So if a Capricorn woman gives you sincere and honest feedback, if she keeps your secrets to herself without telling anyone, if she takes the time to listen to you and tries to show you as best she can the big picture of a situation or the harsh reality of your unwise decisions, these are clear signs that your Capricorn woman is attracted to you and interested in you.

7. she makes you a priority

It is rare for her to commit quickly. For her, loving someone starts with extreme caution.
If you find a way to impress her, her tough exterior changes. Because she is selective about who comes into her life and careful not to let it get her down, she keeps her circle of friends small.
When she is in love, she will be there for you and always find time for you. She will defend you with all her might. A Capricorn rarely indulges in the sinful pleasures of life, except with the man she loves. A Capricorn woman will make sure that you are sexually satisfied.
She will want to spend more time with you, show you the things she likes and spend quality time together. She will show you how much she enjoys the time she spends with you.

8. she will tone down her directness.

She can be outwardly tough, making her a scary woman to most people.
Her personality is firm enough to keep any uncomfortable character at arm’s length. However, from time to time she needs someone who can give her bossy character a break and take things in hand.
She is witty and sarcastic and never spares the one who rubs her the wrong way, but in love she will be much more controlled in her choice of words with her partner.

9. she has certain expectations of you

The woman born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn has no exaggerated expectations from her partner. On the contrary, she is pleased with his efforts, however modest they may be.
Frivolous spending or gifts that are good for picking up princesses do not excite her. She prefers spontaneous and sincere attentions, which are subtler and surer means of seducing her.
If she settles for less than she deserves, it is a sign that she is attracted to you. She will demand much more from a man she doesn’t like. If you find a Capricorn woman who is pleased with your every gesture, accepts a lot from you and hurries to do you favours, then you are the man of her heart.

10. She shows her love through gestures and in her behaviour.

She can never communicate too well what she feels. She often gives her version of things much later. So how does a Capricorn woman behave when she is in love?
For her, the easiest way to make you feel her attraction to you is to do so through small gestures. She believes in action rather than superficial promises. She will give you gifts, invite you to a restaurant, take you to a movie she liked, prepare your favourite meal and make sure you have fun together.

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