Comment savoir si un homme Bélier est amoureux ?

How to recognise that an Aries man is in love

You would think he would never really fall in love. Many think that Aries men are so self-centred that they are incapable of loving anyone else. Anyone who has ever loved an Aries man knows how wrong that idea is. But it is true that it is difficult to tell whether an Aries man is in love or not. They often keep their feelings to themselves for fear of being left with a broken heart…. This is true for both men and women born under the zodiac sign of Aries. So how do you know if an Aries man is in love with you? How does he behave when he is in love?

Here are 9 signs that will tell you if your Aries man has feelings for you.


1. an Aries man who is interested will spend as much time as possible with you.

The Aries man doesn’t think it’s necessary to take the time to take care of the ordinary things in life. The Aries sign is the most impatient of all the zodiac signs. He therefore wants to speed up the learning process as quickly as possible. If for some reason you can’t meet him, a series of messages await you on WhatsApp. He is impatient and, if he is sure, he is very committed. He then also wants to make his decisions as soon as possible. But he can only do it if he knows that you are the right person for him. Then he takes a lot of time. The shyest of Aries men don’t usually talk about their feelings. But even they like to be near the woman they are attracted to.

2. he will pay attention to everything that concerns you.

Only an Aries man on a watching mission will pay serious attention to the people around him. As you can guess, not all Aries are on a mission. But if the Aries man has a reason to be, you won’t find a better observer. If an Aries man is interested in you, he will pay attention to every detail. He will know your favourite colour. Your favourite dish. The place where you like to be, where you like to go. And one day, to your great surprise, he will show you something very personal. A friend of mine who is an Aries pointed out to me one day that his lady of the heart would slightly adjust her glasses on her nose every time he wanted to say something serious to her. Aries men who are in love notice the smallest details.

3. you will be a celebrity among his friends.

When the Aries man is attracted to someone or something, he makes it known to the whole world. So chances are that when an Aries man falls in love with you, his friends already know all about you. And even though he hasn’t told them about his feelings, he has talked about you. He will also want you to get to know his friends. Especially his most intimate and best friends. He doesn’t do that with just anyone. He needs a woman he really likes so he can introduce her to his circle of close friends.

4. he will go out of his way to make your friends like him too!

As important as his friends are to him, so are your friends to him. He knows that one way to reach a woman’s heart is to win over the people around that heart. So he will show interest in getting to know your friends. When you introduce him to them, he will be charming. And if you know anything about an Aries man, you probably know that when he tries to be charming, he succeeds perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your girlfriends weren’t completely insensitive to his charms….

5. he will touch your face

The Aries man is used to expressing his affection through physical contact, by touching your hand, arm or face. His hands will find a way to caress your face as well. If an Aries man is really interested, he is already projecting himself into the future of the relationship and can sometimes believe that the relationship has already reached a stage that it has, however, only reached in his thoughts or fantasies, but not yet in yours or in reality…. It is a quality common to Aries men in love. The physical expression of love is very important to him. Therefore touching is very important for him, which he does as soon as he has the opportunity. Generally speaking, there is something very romantic and sensual about contact with Aries.

6. he will become a philosopher with you

You probably don’t realise it, but the Aries man has a very special way of looking at life. He’s not the type to give lessons to everyone. But ask an Aries man what the meaning of life is for him, and he will give you an answer you would not have thought of. It’s important for him to know what you think about things. He will ask you important questions about life and your plans for the future. About what you think about family. The importance of work. Injustice in the world. About God, about love, about death. He cannot be with someone who does not have the same interest in life and does not share any of his questions. 7.

7. he will try to convince you

Aries men have a zeal for what they believe in. And when they are convinced of something, they see no other solution. Certainly they are always at odds with one person or another. But it is very important for the Aries man to know that the person he is in love with shares his ideas. So if he discovers a disagreement, he won’t give up until he converts you. Now you can either cave in and pretend to accept that what he says is right. Or you can try to convince him that the fact that you have a different opinion does not affect things in general or your relationship. In any case, it is an important point to clarify, because he will not want to let go.

8. he will be interested in your passions or hobbies.

It’s a common tactic for men to pretend that they also like what the woman they love does. But it’s different with the Aries man. The best way to know he’s interested in you is to see how he responds to your interests. A loving Aries man will want things like to see you. Through your eyes. So he will make a real effort to love the same things you do. This is a typical feature of his behaviour when he is in love. But at the same time he will try to make you love what he loves. The more innocent (or arrogant) Aries men are, the more they focus on what they love. But that’s only because they are too childish to realise that love is a two-way street.

9. he will reveal his loving feelings to you

One of the best things about the Fire zodiac signs and especially just the Aries zodiac sign is that they don’t hold back. Especially in love. They are so excited that they are not afraid to be shy. So if the Aries man is secretly in love with you 90% of the time, he will just say so. So if you give him a clear indication of your lack of interest in him, he will also back off directly. If he feels that it could come to that, he won’t wait long. So the ball is in your court!



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