The 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs in Astrology

The 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs in Astrology

A little jealousy makes a relationship sharper, doesn’t it? But how healthy is it? While all zodiac signs show varying degrees of jealousy and possessive behaviour, some demand undivided affection. How do zodiac signs react when they are jealous? Which zodiac signs are the most jealous and possessive when they are in a relationship?

Here’s a list of the 5 most jealous and possessive zodiac signs!

1. Taurus

A Taurus can be very loving and kind and never hesitate to fully express their feelings towards someone they love. The Taurus zodiac sign is usually outwardly calm and tries to control their impulses and emotions so as not to show anything to others. A total outburst of emotions, however, is to be expected when a Taurus, male or female, has been restraining his jealousy for a long time. Being neglected or compared to someone else creates resentment that can explode one day without warning.

Taureans are intelligent and often retain bitter memories to use when the time comes. Then they are used against someone. They can sometimes behave with the people they love as if they are their personal property, ignoring their partner’s wishes, their need for freedom and their willingness to live the life they want. This is how a Taurus man or woman can suffocate their partner in a love relationship.

Their stubbornness makes them believe that everything they do is good for everyone and that others should be grateful for their lives (even if it means a life of involuntary servitude). When they are suspicious, they begin to look for clues to ascertain the facts and cut or sever connections so as not to fuel their fear of one day being rejected or abused.

2. Leo

The powerful Leo, ruled by the Sun, is one of the most powerful and ingenious signs of the zodiac in astrology. He boasts and wants to be the best. He also wants the best of everything. Tolerance for those who try to deceive or challenge them is virtually nil. They have authority, but often project a haughty attitude with egos that are crushed in no time.

They are protectors of everything they own and will never be satisfied unless you give them the respect and admiration they feel they deserve. Sing their praises and worship them, the Leo man or woman will love you. On the other hand, they will be offended or hurt if you ignore them or do not give them the attention they think they deserve. Criticise them or talk to them about their inability to achieve, they will not hesitate to chop your head off.

They are proud and never hesitate to flaunt this shamelessly wherever they are. This stems from a deep need to be accepted and admired by all. The lover of a lion should proceed with caution. If the lover tries to press the jealousy button (even unintentionally or for play), the lion will burst into flames and roar. Its honour and dignity cannot be touched. Jealousy can consume them from within and make them break up and walk away from an otherwise happy life.

3. Scorpio

The most possessive sign in astrology, Scorpio men and women suffer from trust issues. They are very possessive and always on guard, ready to sniff out any betrayal or threat. If they are faced with any competition in their love life, their emotions will be overwhelmed. They give everything they have when they fall in love and cannot accept being ignored or taken for granted.

Scorpios need one hundred percent attention from their partners. A certain deviousness in their behaviour is noticeable in their spying habits. Their lack of trust drives the relationship into an almost permanent state of dissatisfaction. Scorpios need to be informed about everything that happens with their partner, about their comings and goings. They want to be sure of their behaviour.
The water sign will have their own emotions in relationships, which makes them overly concerned. They have their walls up and try to prevent possible heartbreak. If you hurt a Scorpio by being insensitive to their feelings, they are capable of implementing their malicious ideas of destroying someone or inflicting a higher intensity wound on them. They are vengeful and nothing can stop them.

4. Aries

The Aries man or woman always tries to protect his or her heart from pain. They are warriors who defend their possessions fiercely. They are built in the spirit of war, and when they sense that their paradise is disturbed, they are a destructive force that is difficult to defy. Because they are easily provoked by outside interference in their relationships, it is difficult to tame their inner turmoil and calm their fear of loss.

If they are with a partner who is unfaithful and flirting with others, they will not be afraid to tell you about their feelings or to start a direct confrontation. They are passionate about love and also assert their expectations. There is no way to convince them that you might have an occasional interest or attraction for another person if you are already in a loving relationship with them. Loyalty is the most important thing for this astro sign.

As devoted as Aries are to attracting and winning someone’s heart, they are capable of doing whatever it takes to keep their partner in their life and keep the relationship forever, even if it means that the road ahead will be difficult. But if someone intends to hurt or upset them, the Aries will deal with it aggressively.

5. Virgo

It is very difficult to understand what really happens to a Virgo when they are jealous. They have mastered the art of hiding their emotions. When they turn green with jealousy, men and women born under the Virgo zodiac sign withdraw and act at a distance. They find immense pleasure in investigating every last detail. They are curious, and knowing everything gives them a form of sadistic pleasure. They observe and analyse, dig deep and pull old skeletons out of the closet.

Their jealousy can lead them to detach and distance themselves from someone. In most cases, it is difficult for Virgos to know how to deal with their emotions, how to behave and react. Even when they pretend not to be emotional, they are in fact deeply concerned. They are very sensitive and when their being is threatened, they become insecure. They never forget or fail to observe even the most calculated actions of their partner. If they catch their partner in deceit, they will keep this secret deep in their heart until one day the whole thing explodes. Their jealous behaviour is a double-edged sword, because this need to know everything can also drive their partner away forever, even if they are faithful to them in love.





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