Capricorn Man: 7 Negative Traits in Love

Are you dating a Capricorn man or have you simply fallen in love with him? Are you planning the next step and want to know what to expect? Is he really the man you think he is? The science of astrology can reveal valuable insights into the dark side of a Capricorn man’s personality and behaviour.
Here are the negative traits to look out for if a Capricorn man has entered your life and is trying to win your heart.

1. he can be extremely stubborn or unwavering.

When a Capricorn man makes up his mind, it is an absolute decision. He can rarely be forced to change his mind. Another constant complaint from women dating a Capricorn man is that they rarely see him because he is working. The reality is that he is motivated to build his empire and goes to great lengths to achieve his dreams. If a woman is too clingy or too dependent on him, the relationship can deteriorate in a very short time. So the relationship with a Capricorn man can only work well if you agree to let him have his freedom, be patient and sometimes not see him for several days.

2. he is a logical man

This man works methodically, with idealism rarely occupying significant space in his life. Everything must have a rational explanation for him. But sometimes it is different in certain situations in life. Then he risks not fulfilling his partner’s expectations.
The Capricorn man, ruled by the planet Saturn, can appear dark and serious most of the day. A light approach to life is not really his thing. He may be too hard on himself. Too hard on the woman he is having an affair with if she behaves differently than he expected.

3. he may be mean

The man born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn knows how to spot the faults of others. But he never realises that he has his own faults too. This flaw is sometimes so pronounced that his partner may have difficulty convincing him of something that does not correspond to his view of things.
He might be inclined to exercise his masculinity in a way that could seem toxic to his partner. Even if he is ambitious and motivated, his attitude can sometimes become too aggressive, which can easily be misinterpreted by his lover.

4. The Capricorn man can distance himself from his partner overnight.

He does not approve of decisions made on the basis of emotional considerations. The Capricorn man seems to have no emotions at all. Talk to him about his feelings, he may reply that you are bothering him or that he is not interested in your discussion. A woman dating a Capricorn man will have to work very hard to make him understand how she feels, because he does not grasp it easily. This can be frustrating for her partner if she is impatient by nature.
He is not really aware that others think differently from him or that he can hurt people with his behaviour and attitude. If his partner expects him to hug and kiss her to comfort her when she is not well, he may not do it spontaneously, not unless she tells him. Each will have to learn to communicate their expectations of the other. And that takes time.

5. he lacks empathy.

His partner may feel neglected because of his lack of empathy. Your wishes or desires may be completely ignored by a Capricorn man. He is so consumed by his work that he cannot see beyond it. He experiences personal satisfaction by earning a living and providing material security for his family. Thus, a very active professional life may give the impression that he is detached, even if he claims to understand the fate of his partner, who may be suffering severely.
This man is capable of giving the woman he loves hours of quality time in bed. However, this could be mechanical, especially since the Capricorn man can sometimes act without emotion.

6. he likes to be responsible

The Capricorn man takes pride in providing financial security for his family. However, his attitude can become tiresome or even arrogant over time. When he wants something, he is not satisfied with getting less than he deserves. Men born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are determined to achieve all their personal goals. If you have ever heard stories of people who started from scratch and were very successful, this could be the story of a Capricorn man. Only it could end badly and he could become a bully who abuses his position of power. This may also be reflected in his home life, where he may end up being bossy and controlling, suffocating his partner if she does not submit to his rules.

7. He has very high expectations in love.

The Capricorn man thinks of himself as perfect and irreplaceable. Therefore he tends to become arrogant. When choosing his partner, a man of this zodiac sign knows exactly what he expects from a woman and rarely compromises. His demands and perfectionist attitude can annoy his partner. For example, he may point out her faults or the little mistakes she makes that can cause anger, confusion and all sorts of unpleasant emotions in her partner (especially if she is sensitive). He thinks differently. He is not the kind of man who follows the gestures or opinions of others. He is a difficult man whose expectations are not easy to meet. Not very flexible, it is complicated to get him to do something or change his mind if he has decided otherwise.

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