Aries man 10 negative qualities in love

Aries man: 10 negative qualities in love

In love you will be dazzled by the vitality and electrifying aura of the Aries man. The Aries man is a warrior who cannot contain his anger when he is offended or hurt. Expect him to be ready to attack in difficult times. What are the negative qualities, bad character traits and weaknesses of the Aries man? What happens when a man with the zodiac sign Aries is offended, hurt, angry or upset with you? How does he behave and act when he is upset or sad?

Here is everything you need to know about the dark side of his personality and the negative traits of the Aries man in love:

1. he has a strong temper

Men born under the zodiac sign Aries can be stubborn and unyielding in some of their ideas.

The Aries man often goes on the defensive and finds it difficult to accept opinions that differ from his own. Rub him the wrong way and he won’t keep still …

He is the type of man who wants to win. Win at all costs. This tendency leads him to make many enemies the higher he climbs the ladder of success. It would be wiser to be more diplomatic, but that is not part of his character or personality.

However, he is willing to compromise, because all that matters to him is that he achieves his goals, no matter how. Such competitive thinking is not always compatible with a healthy and lasting love relationship.

2. he is an arrogant man

The Aries man is too full of himself. He is very self-confident and loves to feel that he is at his best.

This makes him motivated and ready to face challenges fearlessly, which is a great quality in some situations. However, in his eyes, no one is his equal or gets his attention, so he often overlooks the efforts or abilities of others.

He wants to be victorious and destroy his enemies so that they look at him in all his glory and express their admiration. This might make him lose his mind or go to his head, but he doesn’t care.

3. he is proud

He is a boastful type. He likes to set the tone and be the leader.

The Aries man basically needs attention. He loves compliments because he believes he is second to none, but also because he needs validation.

He is like a time bomb that will soon explode. If his ego is not stroked, he feels alive only after a victory. To appease him, remind him of his successes and achievements. Show him your admiration or adoration for all he is capable of achieving.

Such mistakes can be difficult for his partner to accept and care for, as it requires tact, skill and attention not to make a mistake.

4. he is ruthless, even in love.

The man born under the zodiac sign of Aries is imbued with the element of fire.

Governed by Mars, he can become inflamed in no time if he is angry or enraged. He is confrontational by nature and will not hesitate to take you to task. If he is in a bad mood and you criticise him, a gesture hurts him or he is angry with your behaviour at that moment, he reacts very gruffly and the consequences can go far beyond what you would expect.

He is constantly emotionally charged. If you offend or anger him, he will not go easy on you. He could disappear from one day to the next without coming back if he feels humiliated or thinks you have made fun of his feelings.

So a love relationship with an Aries man can be very difficult to handle because he does not forgive or forget easily.

5. The Aries man is seductive and likes to flirt.

Aries men are opportunists. Endowed with testosterone and full of energy, they want to know the best in everything, and this nature also works subconsciously.

Anything that shines attracts their attention, even if it is dangerous. They want to taste the forbidden fruit and everything that seems attractive to them. They are susceptible to feminine charm and are easily enticed to surround themselves with the opposite sex.

They can be casually engaged in a cheeky conversation. Flirt and engage in the game of seduction. They will make redirected compliments to express their burning sexual desire. Of course, this can be taken very negatively by a woman, who sees it as cheating and lack of fidelity on the part of her partner.

6. he has a wicked tongue

He doesn’t necessarily think twice before attacking someone if things don’t go his way. He does not make concessions: It’s either that or nothing.

He tries hard to keep his temper in check. But sometimes his lightning anger erupts and falls on a random person, the words he utters angrily and without half measures can hurt others. He is an innate warrior. So if he fails to channel his anger into constructive activities, it might as well come crashing down on a person dear to him.

7. he makes decisions hastily

Aries men want to take on several tasks at once. And they want to finish quickly.

They are careless and this affects the execution of their work, where minute details can be overlooked or misunderstood. A lot of their energy can be wasted in this process.

The tension in their body is so great that they have to relieve it at all costs. In fact, these same qualities, which are positive or negative depending on the situation, make them so passionate and excited when they rush into a problem and want to solve it quickly.

8. He is a man who can move on quickly.

Since he belongs to a sexual zodiac sign, he looks for a woman who attracts him in every way and matches his ideal of a perfect woman.

The Aries man wants the ideal woman with whom he can spend the rest of his life. He will not enter into a committed relationship until he has found the perfect woman. In the meantime, he will take a casual approach to love, breaking many hearts along the way.

If he doesn’t have strong feelings for someone or doesn’t really fall in love, he will go in search of a better partner. He is stubborn, so it will be hard to change his mind and bring him back once he has made up his mind.

9. he wants to control or even dominate

He is a dominant personality.

Such an obsession with dominance can stifle a partner who may want to do the things she feels like doing and make decisions from time to time that affect her and their relationship.

He expects his partner to be accountable to him, even if he becomes intrusive in the process. Being selfish by nature, he will be offended or distance himself from her if he doesn’t get what he wants. And it can take a very long time to win back an Aries man.

10. he is cold and sarcastic.

He is terribly hard on the people he wants to make suffer. His sarcastic reactions and hurtful reflections can burn even the thickest skin.

He makes fun of your weaknesses and shows no consideration for your situation when he has made the decision to hurt you.

He looks down on his opponents and speaks nasty or rude words without caring about the consequences of his actions. He may end up alone when his negative side overrides his good qualities and his partner loses all illusions about his charm and heart.




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