Which star sign is the worst

Which star sign is the worst

Anger can bring out the best in a person and make us see the worst in their personality. Some astrological signs have unexpected, violent reactions and sometimes act extremely on something they don’t like. While some have a balanced approach to their anger, other zodiac signs cannot control their character or irritability. Wondering how a zodiac sign reacts when you push it in the wrong direction? Or are you looking for solutions to know how best to deal with a particular zodiac sign when that person is just angry or fuming?

Here are some tips and secrets of astrology that will help you better understand the psychology and behaviour of the 4 meanest, most difficult, capricious and worst zodiac signs:

Aries (21 March – 19 April).

Men and women born under the zodiac sign Aries are the ones who have the most difficulty hiding their anger. Basically, it is a complete demonstration of everything that concerns them, all at once. Their anger is obvious to everyone when they are angry. They hide nothing of their feelings. Like other fire-dominated elements such as Leo and Sagittarius, Aries do not mince words and know no half measures when they are angry. In particular, they get angry when things have not gone as planned. They can then explode in seconds when you least expect it. There is no sign of their tsunami of anger, which functions like a submarine, before everything then erupts at once in the most violent manner.

This sign of fire functions in extremes and does not want to stop when it comes to someone who has angered her. Even if they generally have a good grasp of the situation – when they are angry, Aries irrationality can take over and they act with a certain recklessness. What happens afterwards, once the anger has erupted, and the effect of this on the person and their environment sets in, will have little effect on them. They do not think long and can make immediate decisions to take revenge for the damage that has been done to them unexpectedly. They like to shoot cannons at sparrows and may well start a real war if they want to assert their strength and power.

So if you meet an Aries who seems to have got up on the left foot and in a bad mood, it is better to keep away and let him come to himself slowly, just until his anger has subsided of its own accord. Anger will never last very long, and you can be sure that once the anger subsides, the Aries will appreciate your patience.

Leo (23 July – 22 August).

With a sometimes angry nature, this fire sign is quick to react and put someone back on the pot should the person or persons have triggered their anger. As the dominant sign of the zodiac, the Leo man and woman expect things to happen a certain way. If situations don’t go their way or something crosses their patience and understanding line, they get enraged with all their might. They are very loud and can be very mean if you upset them. Any forgiveness does not come immediately if an irritation is caused by another person’s stupidity or negligence. They will rarely accept your version of the facts and you can be sure that it is absolutely pointless to try to get them to see your side of things. For the Leo zodiac signs, their power and authority are of paramount importance. Anyone who tries to take away any pride from them will have to bear the weight of anger. Their anger is unfortunately capable of blinding their benevolent nature and hearts. Their malice is therefore obvious and unbearably harsh.

Although the drama will continue, if you keep talking, do not accept anything just to calm yourself down or defuse the situation. Speak clearly about how you feel and lead through the situation with grace and integrity if you have not intentionally hurt a Lion. Gather and prepare your arguments. Make sure you make them patiently throughout the process. A Lion’s dominance and temperament can give you the best, even if you are having a bad day. Provide all your evidence and let things decide for themselves without taking a passive or aggressive attitude towards them. In the end, the Lion will also realise that e rim is wrong, only he does not want to see his pride hurt by brash behaviour.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

Unlike the two zodiac signs above, a Scorpio will try to hide their anger until bursting their inner volcano is the only option. If in the vicinity, hopefully God will save you from their wrath. They are quick to hold a grudge that can rarely be ignored. The intensity of their character is evident in their manipulative, cunning and conniving tendencies. Or when they have a say and the need to express their ideas and thoughts. They then try to dominate anyone who tries to belittle them or rub up against them for no reason. It takes time to light their fire, but if you push the wrong buttons, be prepared to experience their resentful nature. They will be aggressive and they will show their rabid nature.

As they say, when a scorpion stings, it stings hard, so be careful if a scorpion around you is having a bad day. Stay calm and let their anger settle down. You may have noticed that they can also seem cold and stay aloof. The best way to offer your support is to leave them alone until they return to you. Or find the information or explanations they need when all rationality is gone, maybe you can explain it after all….

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

This sign of the zodiac stands for independence and freedom of being. This sign of fire is very easy with words and can be extremely difficult to handle if he decides to let his anger out in meanness. When he loses control, he shows you all his hate, without a veil. Scorpio men and women generally have a pleasant demeanour and are happy-go-lucky in nature, but when they are angry they show their weapons, they are ready to be mean and rude. Their choice of words can make the ears of those who insult them bleed.

The best part, however, is that once they have digested everything, it doesn’t take them long to return to the rational and optimistic state that characterises them. They are quick to apologise and make amends for their anger once it has faded. The trigger is mainly the feeling of having been manipulated or deceived by someone in whom they had placed their trust.

Give them enough space. It is a sign that likes to be free and prefers to leave its movements and thoughts unhindered and uncontrolled. Although they may appear patient and friendly at first, they lose their heads when overwhelmed by anger. However, their malice must not be ignored and they must sincerely apologise if they have hurt you for something for which you are not responsible. Let them know clearly what has affected you instead of just letting it happen without saying anything.



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