Which zodiac signs suit each other best

Which zodiac signs suit each other best

You may not know who you’re going to end up with, but everyone has an idea. We all think we know the kind of man we want to end up with. The men we observe around us help us get a pretty good idea of what we expect from the one we want to spend our time with. These can be characters from books, movies, father, brother, friends, etc. But can you be sure that the man of your dreams is the right man for you? Often what we think we want is not what we really need. Fear not, for you are not alone in this dilemma. The inclinations of people from similar zodiacs are usually the same in this respect.

Which zodiac sign suits each other best, man or woman, for a friendship or a relationship or even the great love?

Here’s everything astrology can tell us about compatibility between zodiac signs.


(March 21 – April 19)
Aries is always looking for adventure. They love to break free and do something out of the ordinary. They know that the world is filled with new experiences just waiting to be lived. Naturally, the zodiac they believe is best suited is Sagittarius. This free-spirited zodiac loves to be out and about as much as Aries. Both zodiacs appreciate living life to the fullest. However, they are not the perfect couple, even though there is that common interest. Aries love to do new things, but they are also creatures of routine. They also need to incorporate spontaneity into their routine. For Sagittarians, on the other hand, routine is just a shackle that needs to be cast off.


(April 20 – May 20)
Taurus do not open up or love easily. Thus, they would love to fall in love with a Pisces who is genuine in his love and affection. However, once Taurus do love, they do so with utmost devotion and strength. So outwardly they seem to be a perfect match. But this star sign also has more shades than meets the eye. The Taurus is not easily annoyed, if he knows how to assert himself in order to assert his interests. The Pisces, on the other hand, likes to go with the flow. Pisces are not big fans of confrontation and try to compromise as much as possible, even if it means putting their own interests aside sometimes. Taureans, however, don’t deal well with people who try to push their interests too hard. This, of course, can be a positive thing in a relationship with Pisces.


(May 21 – June 20)
This zodiac sign’s dual personality is as much a problem for themselves as it is for others. That’s why they like people they can be around constantly. Who could do that better than the critical Virgo? Geminis assume that the disciplined nature of a Virgo can support the serious side of Gemini well. With an honest and critical review of everything, Gemini would feel that the control a Virgo exerts on their own life can also be exerted on the lives of Gemini. This gives security and safety, many questions are answered at once. Furthermore, Gemini also has a creative side. This comes into its own when they have to go out and break a few rules, go over the top for once and not just stay within the rules or the norm. Being able to purposefully do a few things wrong is the goal – however, it’s more likely that Virgo can’t handle it. Virgo wants the world to make sense, everything has a reason, everything has a structure. But how can the world make sense to them if their own existence doesn’t make sense to them? So it is not quite that simple.


(21 June – 22 July)
Cancer is full of emotion, which it expresses as affection towards others. Ringing any bells? I give you Libra, the dream zodiac sign for all Cancers. These two zodiacs unite with the common knowledge of wanting to express and communicate love very strongly – it is better for them if it is said openly. Neither of them is put off by a demonstration of affection, even if very intense, and so they get on very well, unlike other zodiac signs where this is not always necessarily the case. But similar poles cancel each other out just as well. The two zodiacs are not very good at confronting each other when they have a different opinion on a subject. They are also not very good at talking about negative feelings, or feelings they think expressing on this could lead to trouble. The result is that before a discussion they always shut down, but then gradually so much eruption potential builds up that at some point it erupts like a volcano.


(23 July – 22 August)
If we lived in an ideal world, the interaction of a Leo and a Capricorn would conquer the world. Both zodiacs understand what it means to work passionately towards their goals. Therefore, they always cheer each other on and support each other wherever they can. This pair also really rises in love. But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and so this couple doesn’t always get along as well as they would like after all. In the beginning, Leos are always terrible at ending a disagreement or an argument because they want to be right. This then knows no bounds, even if winning the argument is detrimental to the relationship. There is only one way to get things done and that is their way. This self-love of the Leo then already leads to problems with the Capricorn.


(August 23 – September 22)
This is a zodiac sign that embodies everything it takes to be an ideal person. They like to work hard for what they want in life and know that passion is a key component in the recipe for success. The zodiac that attracts them most in this regard is Leo. Their thinking fits into mutual discussions, which is then great for someone who always likes to find fault in things around them. However, Leo’s are no exceptions to Virgo’s habit of finding fault also they are constantly analysing. If it is too much, however, it is then almost irritating.

Virgos are work animals – they believe in the meaning and purpose of work and, by the way, like to work alone. Being in the limelight is not part of their idea of success. So when the Leo longs for it, Virgos see it more as arrogance and a need for recognition, but less as real recognition.


(23 September – 22 October)
It may sound strange, but Chariots and Gemini agree on almost everything. Above all, they like to have fun and live their lives to the fullest. They are not the adventurous types, like Aries or Sagittarius, but they can turn any situation into a dance. When everything is great and everyone is happy, they are the perfect couple. Differences occur, however, when they don’t agree with each other. While Gemini knows no other way to settle an argument than to talk it out, to seek confrontation, Libra, in contrast, would rather do anything to avoid it. Libra then likes to try to distract or even run away from the argument; anything to escape the confrontation. What they don’t realise, however, is that in principle they are not running away from the Gemini (and the argument with them), but directly in the direction of their pit of anger.


(October 23 – November 21)
Scorpio and Taurus both understand the importance of keeping the romance alive in a relationship. If love was all it took to see a relationship through, these two would be the epitome of the ideal couple. Both zodiac signs understand the importance of being passionate in your relationship, of living out love properly. After all, they’ve both worked really hard to get there; because they both share an inability to open up quickly at first. But that in itself can then become a problem with this couple. Neither zodiac sign can really express themselves properly or articulate each other’s problems correctly. These differences of opinion and misunderstandings can then last for a really long time, because the two zodiacs are very stubborn and neither really likes to retreat for dear peace, so it can be that their fights last for weeks or months.


(November 22 – December 21)
Sagittarius is always looking for something out of the ordinary, out of this world. And then he meets Aquarius and feels that the world should be the same now, it is the ideal state. Both zodiacs do not fit into normal society. Always on the other side of the generality, they do their own and exciting things and live in their adventurous world full of secrets. What can lead to discontent is their interaction with others around them. Sagittarius has a great capacity for peace and harmony, both in the world around them and in their own lives. Sagittarians would easily compromise to ensure stability in a relationship. And yes, you guessed it! Aquarians would rather make an enemy of someone than adapt their opinions to please other people. So there will always be disagreements.


(22 December – 19 January)
While Leo thinks you’re the perfect partner for him, you Capricorn have another zodiac sign on your mind. Leo knows how to work, but Aries brings the eccentricity of genius to the stage. Capricorns fall in love with the drive and energy that Aries brings to the table. Both zodiac signs understand that to get there, you have to give it your all. They are the perfect power couple! But, there is one small flaw in the personality of one of the zodiacs: the eccentricity of Aries. It’s good when things go the way they should without eccentric traits standing out too much. But if Aries strives too much to be the centre of attention and wants to do things completely differently, precisely because of eccentricity, then Capricorn can no longer stand Aries.


(January 20 – February 18)
Being from another planet, Aquarians are often on the lookout for those who can help them make a difference here on this planet now. In Scorpio they find the perfect match. Both zodiacs are incredible leaders in the areas of being unbiased and accepting of everything. They can see things as they are, and not through the veil of society. Of course, this also gives them a certain calmness. But they only behave like this outside the romantic affiliations of a relationship. The mysterious nature of these two zodiacs causes great damage in their own relationships. Neither is a big fan of letting people know the details of the workings of their minds, in short, they are mavericks. They don’t tell people what’s going on inside them. This can be a problem. While they don’t like being subjected to intimate questions, they still often know for sure what they should know, namely what’s going on in their partner’s mind.


(February 19 – March 20)
Wise and sensitive, Pisces are tired of being the one who has to develop all the understanding in a relationship. So when intuitive Cancer shows up, it seems like it was made in heaven for Pisces. Both zodiacs are able to love freely and without judgement. They understand each other and are always there to support each other. The perfect, mature couple if it weren’t for the excessive similarities between the two. The overload of emotions can be a bit much for the Pisces. Sometimes they just want someone to tell them to take things lightly, and nothing is easy with a full-blown emotional Cancer whose idea of love is attached at the hip all the time. Not an ideal state for the independent Pisces. Sometimes love can be too much of a good thing.




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