Gemini man ignores me

Gemini man ignores me, no longer contacts me: What to do?

Gemini men can behave strangely and be difficult to understand when they have to make difficult decisions in life. This is especially the case when a Gemini man is not in love with a woman or is no longer interested. If he distances himself from her, it does not necessarily mean that he is ready to break up with her for good. So what does a Gemini man do when he no longer has feelings for a woman? How does he behave and react when he wants to break up and move on? What does it mean when a Gemini man suddenly ignores you, is distant and withdraws?

If your Gemini man suddenly ignores you and there is radio silence, you should know the following:

Why is a Gemini man suddenly ignoring me?

If a Gemini man has lost his feelings or is no longer in love with you, he will treat you rather casually. You will feel isolated or excluded from his life. He may cheat on you, he may not, but he will spend more time with his friends just to avoid having to deal with his personal problems. This is the kind of man who hates dealing with strong feelings, who doesn’t like dealing with complicated things.

If he acts strangely or doesn’t want to have contact with you, it’s a sign that he’s up to something. It’s a real warning sign if the Gemini man stops travelling, looking for fun or making you an important part of his inner circle and confidante.

If the Gemini man rejects you, it is because he is discouraged. He no longer wants to contribute to your life. He wants to move on with someone or something that upsets him. Maybe his life is already very complex and he doesn’t want to have to deal with even bigger problems. Your life paths are different and he doesn’t see how they could intertwine.

They have built themselves differently, and although he respects this difference, he does not want to take responsibility at this stage of the relationship. His expectations clash with yours, and so it is best for him to turn away. He does not want to talk openly about your differences or hurt you with blunt statements. Therefore, it is easier (and looser) to ignore your messages or calls than to say something to you in person.

How do you deal with a Gemini man who becomes cold and distant?

Try to have honest communication. Leave him a sincere message or call him to let him know you are there. It is imperative that the Gemini man feels your interest in keeping the communication channel open. He is talkative and needs to feel safe while venting his frustrations.

Leave him alone until he feels the need to come back to you. Men born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are impulsive. They make rash decisions, especially if they have been hurt or offended.

Keep his attention with activities he enjoys. Plan a short trip to relax and relieve tension. Go out with him and make an effort to change his mind. Be cheerful and distract him from the current tensions.

Keep a cool head despite the simmering bitterness. Gemini men can get hot and cold when their interest wanes. So assess his mood carefully and don’t react impulsively or aggressively, even if his behaviour seems irritating or irrational. It is wiser to let the heat dissipate on its own than to blow on the embers.

The Gemini man does not answer my messages and does not call me back.

If the Gemini man has started ignoring, blocking or not reading your messages, it means that he doesn’t think you are right for each other at this moment. However, if he treats you casually or plays games with you, tell him frankly what you think of it.

Try to behave in a way that makes you feel wanted. Keep yourself busy for a while so that he can pursue you. He needs exclusive people in his life. Keep busy with your work so that he does not miss you. Spend more time with your friends and family so that he feels the emptiness caused by your absence.

Don’t let yourself be conquered too soon! This is one way to please the Gemini man who needs to feel the thrill of the chase and seduction. Avoid bombarding his voicemail as he won’t be interested in you once he distances himself. On the other hand, a change in your behaviour may intrigue him and he may come back to you.

If you feel that poor communication is the cause of the conflict, you should apologise. But leave it to him to find a way to make things right. He needs to feel comfortable and confident in the relationship, otherwise things could go wrong again.

How can you tell that a Gemini man is no longer in love?

The Gemini man is likely to ignore you if he feels stifled in the relationship. He needs space and freedom. He needs the feeling of excitement, otherwise he will get bored. He doesn’t like routine. He is talkative and needs intellectual stimulation. He is a man with creative ideas and a brilliant mind. He is courageous and likes to be proactive.

The Gemini man is known for his spontaneity. He loves life and has no regrets. He is charming and seductive. Love for the Gemini man knows no bounds. So if he is truly passionate, he will move mountains for his beloved.

When the Gemini man stops loving a woman, he becomes less communicative. Does he concentrate more on his social life without involving you? Do his messages or text messages become less frequent? Is he less responsive when you start a conversation? These are signs that he is losing interest in the relationship. At this point, he will distance himself because he is convinced that you are not “the one” for him.

When a Gemini man loses interest in a woman, he will try to pick up other women. He may cheat on you while trying to avoid your anger. He will lie to you or simply tell you his plans, depending on whether he is attached to you or detached from you. He may act deceitfully and take advantage of your kindness. So be on your guard. Because he is articulate, he will engage you in conversation and make you feel that you are to blame.

He no longer shares his plans with you or asks your opinion on things that are important to him. You are no longer his confidant. He is afraid to trust you because you have broken promises. He feels that you do not understand him. He will refrain from making love to you because sex has become too routine or mechanical anyway. In the worst case, he will no longer be able to bear your closeness and it will be time to leave you.




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