How to win back a Gemini woman

How to win back a Gemini woman

You have lost the Gemini woman of your life and don’t know how to win her back so that she comes to you again? Or how you can keep this impulsive Gemini woman interested and keep her with you forever? If you don’t know what to do, here is the advice astrology gives us about this woman.

Here’s how to win back a Gemini woman’s heart after a breakup and get her hooked on you!

The signs that a Gemini woman is no longer interested or in love

A Gemini woman can drive you crazy if you upset her. She will argue as if nothing has happened. Most of the time she has her own logic. When she goes off the deep end, it is difficult to understand her. Rub her the wrong way and she will surprise you with her impulsiveness. She will be stubborn. She will be difficult to placate. A love relationship with a Gemini woman is difficult because ups and downs are part of the experience. It is not easy for a soft heart and even less so for the one who tries to control her….

It is difficult for a Gemini woman to commit anyway. And if she has doubts because of your suspicious behaviour, she will be the first to jump ship, with the idea that she will never come back. If she is in a relationship with you, the initial excitement may lead her to certain excesses where her eyes are bigger than her stomach. When the excitement wears off and she is angry about something or offended, don’t be surprised if she quickly distances herself from you and gets involved with someone else.

How can you win back the heart of a Gemini woman after a break-up?

Face her anger and practice patience

The woman born under the zodiac sign of Gemini is difficult to figure out. If you have wronged her, she will not think twice about paying you back. Being an excellent communicator, her words are enough to make you realise what has caused her so much grief in the relationship. So it is certain that she will lash out at you the first time you meet her while the relationship is on pause. And the sarcasm is sure to continue until the pain in her heart subsides with time. So in this case, it would be ideal if you swallow your pride. Give her a little time. She will regain her composure.

Make her feel safe

She is a free individual. A person who stands up for freedom of thought and movement. She is like a little girl among the zodiac signs, constantly on the lookout for adventures, the excitement of the new everywhere. Be her muse. Convince her that she can be herself in your company. She is looking for someone from whom she can learn a thing or two about living a stable life. So if you cannot inspire her and make her understand all the qualities of the ideal man, the perfect partner, she will continue to wander until her soul finds a place to rest.

Stop being a drain on your mind

It is not she who is taking control of your unwanted dominance. She enjoys being herself without any guilt. If you lecture her about how she should be or is, you will scare her away and lose her interest. So let her be who she is. She likes to keep her personal and professional life light. So when things weigh on her shoulders, it frustrates her. And before you can bring yourself to understand what happened, she’s already gone. Try to approach her on a deeper level and treat her as an equal. If you succeed, she will stay with you and never leave you again.

Surprise her

A Gemini woman’s heart and mind are on several things at once. By the time you become aware of her first thought, she will have already jumped to the second or third. She loves the unknown. She loves the hunt for the mysterious. So make sure you always have something under your arm to surprise her with. There is nothing worse than making a Gemini woman give in to boredom and monotony. She may be materialistic for the most part, but never attached to things. So understand her love language so that your behaviour and love gestures match her expectations.

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Admire her creative nature

There is a lot going on in the mind of a Gemini F who is curious by nature. She will charm you with her personality and creativity. She will share her dreams with you and motivate you to realise your own. This is her charm, her quality and her positive charisma. So appreciate everything she tells you and listen to it because it is important to her, especially as her understanding of things is often based on real-life experiences.

Be willing to explore new things

This woman cannot stay tied to one place and expect to be happy in a monotonous life. She will have her baggage ready at all times. Plan an outing, a romantic weekend with her when she finishes her work week. You can learn a lot from her company as her intellect and ability to relax you is refreshing.

Let her be free

A Gemini woman loves to blend in with the environment she is in. She is a pro at stealth and camouflage. This woman is enough of herself. She is the one many people look for because her charm leaves no one untouched. When she feels controlled, she is gone faster than lightning. Believe that she knows what works best for her. So avoid giving her unsolicited advice on how she should live her life.

Love her idiosyncrasies

She has difficulty making a decision. She has a fantastic ability to show you both sides of the coin. Her advice is valuable because she sees situations as a whole and can warn you about future risks. She is quite aware of the problems her dual tendencies bring, but she is proud of them because that is where her strength lies. So be the one who shows optimism towards her and she will love you even more. She needs someone to constantly push her and help her make a decision when she is struggling to move on.

Stay mysterious

It’s easy for a Gemini woman to get bored if nothing about someone excites her. She searches for meaning in her life and attacks anything that doesn’t have meaning. She is constantly on the lookout for something that can excite her and arouse her curiosity. So don’t reveal your cards too early. Reveal them slowly and at the right time.

Keep up to date with her concerns and interests

She is blessed with the gift of gab. You will never have to guess what she is up to because she knows how to spin sentences that always clarify doubts. She has billions of different ideas in her head that often overlap when she speaks. Having the opportunity to confront her with your intellect is always an advantage. She will enjoy the hour-long conversations you have together, which strengthen the special bond between you and her.





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