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How can you tell that an Aquarius man is in love?

What kind of man can make the woman he loves unhappy? The Aquarius man. Actually, it’s not that he wants to make you unhappy. But he can make you feel that he is not interested. And that can break your heart. But don’t lose heart! Astrology has the keys to understanding this unique person, his personality and his psychology. At least as much as possible, because some facets of his personality will remain a mystery. So how can you recognise an Aquarius man in love by his behaviour?

Follow the advice I will give you, because you will need it! And discover the signs that will tell you if an Aquarius man loves you and has feelings for you!

1. an Aquarius man is very caring with the woman he loves.

Aquarius men are good people, but they are not the best when it comes to expressing their feelings and affection for someone. When they try, they often end up saying the opposite of what they feel…. One thing they don’t do, however, is care about the woman they love. If your Aquarius man cares about you, it’s a sign that he cares about you. Men of this zodiac sign usually don’t go out of their way to take care of others. So if he pays attention to you consciously or unconsciously, there is a good chance that he is attracted to you.

2. He likes to show that he is responsible.

The Aquarius man is not the most responsible man you will ever meet. And he knows that’s a problem. But he can’t let it get in the way of love or a relationship. So he will act like an adult and be mature when you are around. He will talk about serious matters, finances and responsibilities. He may even have philosophical discussions with you. He will drive carefully and follow all guidelines. He just wants you to know that he is mature enough for a serious relationship. He is not the man some people think he is.

3. He gives up his free time to be with you.

The man born under the zodiac sign Aquarius values his free time. He doesn’t like it when he has to do something he didn’t plan to do in his free time. But this is suddenly not the case when he is in love…. Has he agreed to go to the cinema with you on holiday or holiday? Has he promised to pick you up at the airport when you return from your holiday? Or to accompany you to an important appointment? You must be really special to him if he makes such sacrifices. But don’t overdo it. He takes away privileges faster than he gives them away. It’s not hard for an Aquarius man to get ahead quickly.

4. An Aquarius man in love behaves differently when he is in love.

Aquarius men are not very talkative. But they are very active and express themselves openly in public. So why does he suddenly shut up when you are around? I honestly can’t tell you why they do that. Like so many other things about them, it’s a mystery. But when an Aquarius man is with a woman he loves, he becomes surprisingly quiet. He will listen to the conversation. Especially what you have to say. But he won’t give much information. And even if you do talk to him, he is reserved or shy.

5. He will pretend not to care about you.

The Aquarius man has a cheerful nature. Even with people he doesn’t like. But in the early stages of a love relationship, he does his best to hide this kind of relationship. So he will pretend and act as if he doesn’t care about you. He will talk to everybody except you. When you talk to him, he will have an almost casual attitude. It is a strange behaviour, as you can imagine. But don’t overreact. Just be normal. That is the best thing to do. It is typical behaviour for an Aquarius man in love. Once he trusts your feelings, he will go back to the way he always was.

6. He may be shy with you, but he trusts you….

With him it always starts slowly. He will probably talk about how his day went. Or how he feels about someone. This is when the Aquarius man is in his beginning stages of love. But then he moves on to deeper things. Like his personal life, his past, so does his pain. He tells you about his past girlfriends and even how the relationship ended. He may even tell you some secrets. He will talk about his family and tell you all about them. When you reach this point, start talking to him about personal things as well. But only what you are willing to share. When an Aquarius man opens up, he definitely has feelings and is probably already very much in love.

7. he always wants to know more

Men born under this zodiac sign are not the kind of people who care too much about details. But if he asks you personal questions, it’s because he has feelings for you. The Aquarius man is so absorbed in the world around him that he can’t focus on just one person. Until he finds the perfect woman. The one he wants. And then he will want to know everything about you. He won’t be afraid to do that. He’ll ask random trivial questions between conversations. And he will end the stories about himself with a “What about you?”. If you are interested in him, answer as many as you can. Otherwise, he may get the impression that you are not interested in him.

8. there will also be romantic moments

An Aquarius man in love is a joy. Of course, he finds it difficult to talk to you at first. But the more comfortable he gets, the more you begin to see his romantic side. He will first buy you a drink. Then he will court you and try to seduce you. He will send you pretty little messages throughout the day. When you go out with him, there will be a surprise waiting for you. These first dates will be so refreshing and romantic. No man woos a woman like the Aquarius man. Here’s a tip: keep him, because there’s no other man like him!

9. he will be your new best friend

In the Aquarius man you will not only find a lover, but also a friend. A best friend. He will be there when you need him. To give you a shoulder to cry on. To go shopping with you. Or watch TV shows while you eat ice cream. With him, things will be amazing. He will always be there, no matter what you are up to. He will take care of you when you get sick. Or to help you with your work. You’ve probably never had a friend as valuable as this man.

10. he will introduce you to his family

It is a big step for the Aquarius man. He doesn’t really introduce the women he is interested in to his family. So if he invites you into his home or family, he is likely to fall in love with you. Of course, he will only go that far if he is sure of your love and feelings. Now it is important that you get along with his family. Especially if you want to go further with this man. It may not look like it, but he is very close to his family. If his family does not think well of you, it will affect his reaction to your love.

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