Pisces woman and the Cancer man

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman: Do they go together?

Both fish and crabs are marine animals. Their common habitat allowed them to communicate in the water. Their language is one that no one understands. Because it goes beyond words and travels through an exchange of feelings. If there is one couple that understands each other 100%, it is the Cancer man and the Pisces woman.
Have you been seduced by a Cancer man? Would you like to explore your astrological compatibility with this man? Here are the essential things you should know about him and your relationship.

Love and relationship between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman.

If you are interested in astrology and want to gain knowledge on the subject, you may have heard of vibratory models. This should be enough to make you realise that two water signs with a 5:9 vibratory model were created for each other. This pair contains each other’s feelings and emotions, even though neither of them conveys the same. This seemingly unrealistic power between these two zodiac signs makes them more compatible than any other sign.
But it also allows them to inflict great suffering on each other. Because they know what hurts each other the most. They almost never get angry. Each needs the other, it is easy for them to find common ground. Whereas in all other couples, the Cancer man has to play the adult. It is the only game he can afford to play the child because he is more mature than he is. A fish and a crab is a marriage of oceans.

The attraction between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman

The Pisces woman has an unparalleled tolerance in her. This makes her an expert in a relationship with a Cancer man. She can pamper damaged Cancer men, heal the wounded and love the perfect. No matter how the Cancer man was brought up, he will find in her a partner who will support him. Not because she doesn’t have the courage to defend herself. But because she sees her virtues better than anyone else.
As I said earlier, these two are almost telepathically connected. They know what the other person needs and when. They understand each other’s emotions and so can be more sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs. A well-mannered Cancer man will have the perfect connection with a Pisces woman. They will share everything from work to punishment. They know it takes two to tango. Their deep understanding of each other will mirror their flaws. Fortunately, both are strong enough to accept them.
Together, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman become better people. She can teach him things he didn’t know before. And he can open it up to experiences that allow him to see the world around him for who he is. Cancer men and Pisces women are quiet and gentle. Peace and harmony between the two make their lives peaceful and harmonious. There is no better example of soul mates.

The Pisces woman and the Cancer man in bed

The sexual compatibility between these two atrological signs is as strong as their compatibility in general. Encouraging the Cancer man to indulge in the pleasures of love is no easy task. But with a Pisces woman, he knows exactly when they both want it. Their emotional communication is so strong that neither of them has to wait for the other to say anything.
The Cancer man needs caresses and sensuality to feel comfortable in bed. It is also a very considerate partner. He makes sure that she loves sex as much as he does. So he will never force her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable. Despite her shyness and calmness, the Pisces woman expresses herself freely in bed. She tries new things and it might get a little too kinky for her taste.
It will bring creativity and imagination to their sexual relationship. Although hard to adapt to at first, the Cancer man will soon realise that his Pisces woman knows the art of love and that she knows how to do it much better than he does. Their union will be a sexual union full of magic.

Quarrels and problems between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman

A Cancer man who has been bred to be a gentleman will rarely have problems with a Pisces woman. Usually difficult Cancer men are those who have been spoiled by their mothers. They are people who are used to getting all the love and attention without having to return the favour. This will not be a problem for the Pisces woman, she can take care of him while loving him.
But a stronger Pisces woman, or any woman in general, can break after a while. Unless this Cancer man learns to behave better. By understanding each other well, they can also hurt each other. They know what will break their partner’s heart. And so, in moments of great emotional pain, they will have extremely hurtful remarks.
During one of their mood swings, the Cancer man may become too critical of her. It will damage her brutally. She felt comfortable with him because he did not judge her and always supported her. But this kind of behaviour on his part will affect him deeply. In one of these phases of depression, he may start ignoring her because of his fears and worries. Her ignorance may make her frigid. Although she usually understands these mood swings, when she herself goes against the tide, she wants him by her side.
The Cancer man can also be a very sticky lover. Although she can handle it most of the time, there will be times when she will tell her to give her some space. He may be offended by this request. However, this will not lead to a fight, but to depression. But no matter how intense the fighting, it will always be the first step towards reconciliation.

Is marriage between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman a good idea?

His resilience and steadfastness will allow them to marry each other. Even if this is not the case, they have a strong bond that ends in marriage. His love and affection will match that of his own mother. Cancer men have a very high regard for their mothers, who they say are the only women in the world who understand them perfectly. She loves him without question or judgement and he returns the favour.
But between these two, he is the weakest. That is true, she has her depressions too. But he depends on her more than she depends on him. In times of depression and melancholy of the Cancer man, the strength of the Pisces woman will play an essential role. She will refuse to give in to obstacles and put him out of his misery. Together they make a great team. There is a good chance that they will spoil their children.
Both are very affectionate with their children. If children have a strong character, they could do without their tenderness. But it is more likely that their children will be the embodiment of mannerism and nobility.

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