How to conquer a Taurus man

How to conquer a Taurus man

Some women are attracted to the infectious energies of Aries or Leo men. Others are looking for a quiet and gentle love. The latter are attracted to the Taurus man, that shy animal. Is it his modest smile? Or that innocence in the way he talks to you? If someone told you that he is a passionate romantic, you will surely reply that he is wrong about no one. This article may change your mind. Are you ready to tame the bull?

What is the personality of the Taurus man like?

I get along very well with Taurus men. Some of my best friends are Taurus and although their personalities are different, their zodiac sign gives them some common traits. Firstly, they are not the most extroverted of men. You will rarely hear the rumbling voice of a Taurus hero in a room.

It won’t be love at first sight with him. But as you get to know him, you will begin to identify an incomparable gentleman. A loving Taurus can be the most passionate lover. He expresses this love perfectly, with substance and not just dreams, like most other signs of the zodiac. But be careful, he is not used to making it happen.

You don’t want to bring him into one of his rare states of rage. Because when Taurus wakes up, he destroys everything in his path. You will probably have to deal with it once or twice a year. But the rest of the journey will be roses and rainbows. Are you still interested in seducing your bull and becoming his matador?

How can I impress a Taurus man?

To attract the Taurus man, you need a plan, a precise strategy. So keep these few things in mind when you are trying to take a risk. First, you need to gain his trust. You will not go anywhere with this man if he does not trust you. Even if he doesn’t trust you at first, at least present yourself as someone you can trust. It will not be enough to make him a few promises. You need to start as a friend. He is not going to meet a stranger, so your biggest challenge is to become his friend. This is even more important because he is very shy. Being his friend will open it up for you.

Show your femininity with subtlety, especially on your first date. He is not a man who is easily attracted to modern women. He expects his partner to be a more traditional woman. Following this idea, dress feminine without overdoing it. Not that he expects you to be sexy or attractive at all, but try not to draw too much attention to your body. A dress that subtly highlights your curves will work perfectly. Use your perfume and make-up strategically. Your look should ensure that your beauty is natural. So limit experimentation as much as possible when trying to seduce him.

How do I seduce a Taurus man through text messages?

Communication is an important step in building a relationship with this man. So you need to have a strategy when texting him. Don’t deal with heavy messages. He won’t immediately start sharing his emotions over the phone and neither will you. Let the Taurus man feel comfortable. For this to happen, you need to keep your texts light and fun.

He is not really good at answering texts. Don’t think it’s because of something you’ve done wrong. My best friend is a Taurus and sometimes doesn’t reply for several months. Subtle flirting is encouraged. You don’t have to keep the whole conversation focused on work. Showing interest in him helps him think it’s not just about friendship.

Show your intelligence and curiosity with pictures. If you come across something interesting, share it with him. He likes that flirtation and love do not neglect things of the mind and intelligence. More importantly, he hates tragedy or any form of conflict. Avoid confrontation as much as possible. The bull does not like to be charged or loaded.

How can you please a Taurus man?

The Taurus man is not someone who likes to be chased. So you have to wait until he does. Given his shyness, you should be the first to express your interest in him. He may seem disinterested, but in reality he is watching you. When you feel that you have reached a point where he trusts you, share your feelings of love with him.

Do not force him to make a decision immediately. Give him time to process this revelation. In the meantime, don’t be weird. Let things go on as usual. Reveal your feelings only if you don’t have a problem with it, otherwise you may scare them.

Make him comfortable. Taurus men can take a long time to decide or fall in love. His response to your advances will come in due course. In the meantime, make him comfortable with the idea that you are part of his life. Try to continually increase the confidence he has in you. This is how you can bring a bull to a standstill and get him hooked. Don’t flirt with other men because it could ruin everything. A lack of trust and everything could end overnight. Trust is the same as loyalty.

Give him attention and praise. You need to stimulate his ego so that he thinks you are indispensable. Many of my Taurus friends have fled from condescending partners.

How can you make the Taurus man miss you?

You may need to take a step back while he looks at what you just told him. He needs time to make a decision, and in the meantime he needs to make sure he misses you. Start by taking a step back. He has no reason to think about your absence if you are constantly around him. So stop sending text messages or calling regularly. You don’t have to see each other every day.

When you text him or reconnect, make it memorable. Send something seductive via text message. He should feel the romance you are expressing to him. Do things that make him think of you. For example, put some of your perfume on something you are sure will be used. If he feels your presence around him, even when you are physically absent, he will miss you.

When Cara told me, “I uploaded sexy pictures and now this man is messaging me,” she gave me some good advice. Share attractive photos of yourself while you wait for his verdict. This should speed up the process.

How does a Taurus man fall in love?

When he starts missing you, he will come back to you. In order for him to fall in love with you, he must feel your femininity. Try to be pretty, act like a lady, blush if you can. All this makes it even easier to crack. The importance of confidence cannot be overemphasised. It’s not just about keeping secrets. Loyalty, integrity, reliability, all add up in its importance of trust.

Don’t let sensuality disappear. Their romance is sensual. If it has to make an effort, so do you. Indulge it with attention and small dishes. Introverted in nature, he has been ignored by most people in his life. Giving him special attention allows you to stand out and be important to him. Try to be stable and practical. He is both at the same time and rightly expects the same from you. If you know you cannot boast of these qualities, then trust your common sense.

More importantly, never embarrass him publicly. This will put him in a state of mind that will not end well for either of you. Do not let the bull attack you.




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