How to make a Taurus man jealous

How to make a Taurus man jealous

This sweet and kind Taurus man, Jealous? Is it even possible that the one who talks so devotedly and never gets angry. How can such a man become jealous? Well, you just haven’t seen the cop when he gets really angry. Because if you had seen the Taurus man get jealous and possessive, you would know it right away. He doesn’t like to be jealous and it takes someone special for this to happen, but if everything is right, then it is possible.

So what are you looking for? Are you trying to get your ex back after a breakup or just make him jealous? Do you want your Taurus man to pay more attention to you? Here you will find everything to make a Taurus man jealous!

Are Taurus men jealous and possessive?

Let’s start by answering this very important question that will form the basis of the entire discussion. To put it simply, yes, Taurus men are jealous and possessive. However, they do not go crazy when they feel jealousy. Unless there is a strong affliction in their birth charts. But yes, it is possible for them to manifest these negative traits, and here are some of the reasons why:

Their mysterious past could be the key to this behaviour. Taurus men are very secretive and rarely open up. If you are one of the few people he trusts, he will open up to you. He was probably betrayed in a previous relationship, which is why he behaves this way.

Furthermore, the Taurus man has a repressed desire to possess. When he is in a relationship, he tends to have this feeling. If you do something that makes him feel out of control, he may react with jealousy.

But more importantly, he has a strong need for everything to be perfect and in harmony. The Taurus man has his relationship in his mind as a perfect romantic fantasy. And signs of cheating or infidelity ruin this perfect picture. When things don’t go according to his plan, he usually gets jealous.

How do I make a Taurus man jealous?

Here are some valuable tips from astrology to create jealousy in this man!

Praise other men in his presence. Insecurity often leads to jealousy among men born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. So if you talk about men who are richer or more successful than him, it will certainly do the trick. But keep it loose and light. If you exaggerate, you might lose this man. But be careful not to corner him and ruin the relationship.
Cancel plans you have made with him. What’s worse than when the woman you love doesn’t want to spend time with you? If you are always ready for him, he won’t take you seriously. Make him feel that you have more important things to do than be with him. So if he asks if you want to go out, decline the offer.
Don’t flirt, but get other men to approach you. If you flirt with men, that will be the end of your relationship. But if he sees other men flirting with you, that will surely get his attention. This is someone else trying to get what is his. His possessive instincts kick in, and there’s only one way he can go about it: Jealousy.
Pretend you haven’t noticed him. He depends on the people around him, they have to compliment him. Especially the woman he loves. If all he gets from you is ignorance, it will upset him. You seem to be losing interest in him. How is that not going to make him feel unhappy? Just stay strong and don’t give him the validation he so desperately craves.
Reduce the attention you give him. He needs your approval for many things. Even if he has broken up with you, he still cares about your opinion.
Pretend to be jealous. Ever heard of reverse psychology? You have to convey to him that what you are doing is the result of his misbehaviour. Otherwise, he will think that you are cheating on him. The best way to do that is to give him what he feels: jealousy.

How does the Taurus man show his jealousy?

So, how do you know if your tricks are working? How do you know if a Taurus man is jealous? How does he behave in this situation? Look for the following signs:

He will get angry very quickly! You remember what I wrote above about anger. A Taurus man is rarely angry. Therefore, this is a good sign in this case, because he cannot stand disloyalty. If he has this feeling that you have betrayed him, he will be in a bad mood all the time.

He asks pointed questions when he is jealous. He’ll ask about the people you’ve hung out with. Or inquire about the relationship status of the men around you. He will accuse you of having an affair.

He will investigate his suspicions. He doesn’t believe in making unfounded accusations. So he will inquire to see if there is any angle to this. If you have mutual friends, they will become the subject of his investigation.

He becomes very possessive in his behaviour. This is expressed by the fact that he will put his arm around you to show who belongs to whom. He will also ask about your plans and what you have been doing all day. This possessiveness will be the next level with which he will express his jealousy.

Can you win back a Taurus man by making him jealous?

Will all this effort produce results? If you play it right, yes. But if you overdo it, it could make things worse. Don’t go so far out on a limb with this that he would lose interest and no longer see the need for you in his life. And besides trying to make him jealous, try other things. Things that make him realise what he is missing in your life without you.

Talk about how your relationship with him was the best. This will make him feel that there is still hope for both of you. But don’t make it sound like you are desperate to get back with him.

Give him your best. If you don’t let the pain inside you show, he will see how mature you are in dealing with it. Which will make him feel worse for leaving you. Where will he find someone so smart?

But don’t reassure him that you’re not looking for another relationship. If he feels that you will always be waiting for him, he will take you for granted. Let him know that you are open to a relationship with the right man. He could be the right man too!

Don’t forget to play the game of seduction with him a little. He needs to be satisfied too. Honesty alone will not bring him back. You have to show him the romantic potential of getting back together with you.



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