How to drive a Taurus man crazy in bed

How to drive a Taurus man crazy in bed

It may seem difficult to think of a bull as a sexual being. I mean, he is the perfect embodiment of a gentleman, isn’t he? But it is also true that he is a different man in bed. You should never underestimate the sexual drive of this man whose dominant planet happens to be Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. He will know how to satisfy you as long as you are able to fully understand his needs and expectations so that you can both have an extraordinary experience.

Are you ready to explore the depths of the Taurus man’s sexual fantasies and intimate passions? Here’s everything you need to know about the Taurus man in bed, how to arouse him, satisfy him and drive him crazy with pleasure!

The sexuality of the Taurus man

He really likes sex. A lot of it. But to do that, you need to show him the pleasures that are available to him, but don’t force him to do anything. Remember that you have to be in charge. This is why Taurus men have good sexual compatibility with women of the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius).

Taurus men do not respond to overly subtle cues. They should be very clear and open in their dealings with the bed. He will not move on to the next step if he is not sure what you want.

At the same time, you need to give him confidence. The Taurus man is not the type to enter into a sexual union with someone with whom he has no emotional connection. It takes time for him to have trust and confidence. He will not move to the next level in the relationship if he does not feel this mutual trust.

Of course, he will prefer to be on his own turf for the first time rather than yours. If you want a neutral playing field, consider an off-site location. Perhaps book a hotel room, but first make sure he is comfortable with the location. Make sure he feels as involved in the decision as you do.

What does a Taurus man like in bed?

It is very easy to sexually arouse and satisfy him if you know what he likes.

Try to appeal to his five senses. Make sure your skin is smooth and supple. Wear an exciting, woody fragrance. Wear a lip balm or lipstick that tastes good. Play some background music. Your words and later your sighs will stay in his mind for a long time.

The foreplay should be well thought out. He doesn’t want to just jump to the point. Foreplay will also help him gauge your interest in him. It is one of the mechanisms by which he gains the trust of others.

He wants to know what you want. Don’t leave him alone in bed. Be a real partner. It takes two to make love, doesn’t it? He believes in the principle that sex is best when you know your partner’s needs. So don’t keep him guessing because he’s not good at it.

Make sure the atmosphere is filled with love and romance. I have already told you that he makes love out of love and not just to satisfy his physical needs. The environment must also complement this romantic atmosphere. Light candles or dim the lights. Make it a night he will never forget.

Let us now examine his sexual compatibility with other astrological signs.

The Taurus man and the Pisces woman in bed.

A compatibility marked by initial trust and attraction. Their mutual trust develops much more quickly than usual for the Taurus man. So I won’t be surprised if he decides to take the next step with a Pisces woman, and more quickly than you might imagine. In the beginning, their sexual experience will be very spiritual. They will connect with each other’s souls. And they will feel that they are made for each other.

The future of this connection will depend on the level of commitment of the Taurus man in the love relationship. Some people mistakenly think of Taurus men as fickle. They are anything but that. It’s just that he has to be 100% sure about the relationship. But that shouldn’t be a problem for the Pisces woman, because their souls blend on a higher level. They understand each other’s needs, in bed and in other areas.

The Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman in Bed

The physical attraction between these two zodiac signs is immediate. Mental attraction is another matter. However, I can say that they will both be sexually attracted to each other. There is also the fact that there is a mystery surrounding them that they both want to explore.

It is very likely that they will sleep together because they have a desire to explore what lies behind this mystery. In addition, the Virgo woman has a power that literally fascinates the Taurus man. The trust between them will begin to develop based on this intuition. And who knows, they may even continue the love affair into marriage and even beyond.

The Taurus man and the Scorpio woman in bed.

These two people are very similar in character and personality. They are both heartbroken…. They are both jealous, stubborn, do not trust each other easily, and both are attracted to each other. They are one of those couples who end their arguments in bed with a torrid sex act. He screams, then it’s her turn to scream, then they kiss. And you know what happens next….

The sex between the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man is incredible. It is not very difficult for the Taurus man to satisfy her sexually. And the Scorpio woman is not innocent either. But in the long run, their dissimilarities will begin to dominate their relationship. It may not be so sunny for them if arguments take precedence over sexual attraction.

The Taurus man and the Cancer woman in bed.

Very compatible sexually and astrologically, they make an ideal match. Both take their time to trust the other, but come to the same conclusion in the end. The Taurus man and the Cancer woman are passionate lovers. This allows them to satisfy each other in a way that would not be possible with other zodiac signs.

Moreover, it brings a feminine innocence to the bed he deeply loves. This makes this Taurus even more eager to find out what is behind all this shyness. It’s a mystery that will always keep him hooked. When they are together, they think of nothing else. In the bedroom, they adore each other. If only we could all have a sex life like these two….



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