How to win back a Taurus man

How to win back a Taurus man

The quiet and reserved Taurus man is the ideal boyfriend for most women. And often we don’t realise how much we miss him until he’s gone. Those little things you get used to and regret. His actions. The look in his eyes. His affection. His special charm. No other man could please you like he does. So I will help you win back the heart of your Taurus man.

Astrology has much to tell us about the secrets of the Taurus man’s heart and personality. Here is everything you need to know to win back a Taurus man and keep him forever!

Can the Taurus man come back after a breakup?

Since we’re on the topic of love, let’s start this discussion with something positive. Yes, there is a strong possibility that he will come back after a breakup. Taurus men love more than any other sign of the zodiac. It may not seem like it, but he is a romantic at heart. This means that he can come back to you even after a break-up.

When a relationship ends, he still has residual feelings for his ex. These feelings almost always make him want to come back. It is indeed very difficult for the Taurus man to just move on after a love break-up. The fact is that he always tries to look on the bright side. If he still has happy and beautiful memories with you, that may bring him back. There is one exception:

If you broke up because of infidelity, he will never come back. I said he almost always comes back, except in one case. That is the case where you have cheated on him. Many people can overlook that, but not the bull man. He will think of how you were with that other man every time he looks at you.

If he has already found someone else, he will not come back. So if you want to win back his heart, act quickly before it is too late. Above all, make sure he understands your intentions.

The Taurus man will not think of returning to his ex on his own. If you think he will come back to you on his own, your wait may be long and depressing. Which of course will lead to an unsuccessful outcome. So you have to take the first step to get him back.

How to win back the heart of a Taurus man after a break-up?

Now that you know the ball is in your court, you need to know how to act. Here’s how to get a Taurus man back after a breakup.

Start your search by being honest with him. Men born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are very good at spotting liars. If they sense a lack of honesty in you, they will never come back. Try to be as open and honest as possible about your feelings and your faults. The second thing is more important than the first.

Do your self-examination and admit your mistakes. A Taurus man will never come back if he feels that things are not ready to change. You probably don’t even know why he broke off the relationship. If someone needs someone to tell him where and when he is wrong, he definitely knows that this person will never change.

Don’t try to elicit sympathy, because that will have the opposite effect. He doesn’t need to know that you are so deeply sad about the break-up. Or that you can’t sleep without him by your side. He knows that time will heal all that and he doesn’t need to feel responsible.

Instead, try to make a good impression. You need to start the seduction game again. Dress as well as you can. Improve the decoration of your home. Apply the perfume you used to wear so that he remembers your scent. Make physical contact with him whenever he is around. Leave a lasting impression that will remind him of you when you are away.

Compliment him, for him, his taste and also his work. Men born under the star sign Taurus like to be appreciated. If he feels that someone knows and understands his worth, he will take a step towards you. Moreover, it means to him that you also have good taste.

The signs that a Taurus man is no longer interested or in love

When a Taurus man breaks up with a woman, it can be very difficult to know why. But generally there are clues and signs in his behaviour. How do you know when a Taurus man is no longer interested? Here are the signs to look out for to save your relationship.

Has he been distant and uncommunicative lately? Of course, Taurus men’s moods fluctuate from happy to unhappy, light to dark. And you know that sometimes he likes to keep his mouth shut. But if he suddenly becomes silent and distant, that’s a cause for concern.

He rarely spends time with you. You realise that the Taurus man has a very demanding job. But if he chooses to spend his free time with other people, it is not normal. He consciously chooses to run away from you or avoid you and spend his time elsewhere.

This behaviour can be accompanied by an increasingly obvious lack of intimacy. Not only does he spend less and less time with you, but the time you do spend together is very casual, less intense. He is no longer interested in sex or any form of affection. There is no longer a real love relationship between the two of you. You have grown apart and are now like two acquaintances.

He no longer makes any effort in the relationship. Even in difficult moments, the Taurus man always tries to make the relationship work. But a Taurus man who has lost all interest will no longer make that effort. And he will make even less effort to surprise you or make you happy.

He doesn’t seem to agree with what you are doing. The Taurus man has many rules and principles. But for the woman he loves and for whom he has genuine feelings, he knows how to make exceptions. And that is as long as he is in love. When he has lost all interest, he will criticise you at every opportunity.

How do you keep a Taurus man and get him hooked?

To save your relationship, you need to know how to keep the Taurus man interested and keep him forever. Here are some tips that will help you do that.

Always be honest with him. He is looking for a woman who is sincere and straightforward with him. What he cannot tolerate is when you beat around the bush or pretend. So whenever you have a problem, you need to talk about it and resolve it openly with him.

Show him your femininity and charm. Be the woman he wants and is attracted to. Show him love. Talk to him about your feelings. Pamper him a little, show him how special he is to you and make him feel that you are there for him.

Loyalty is of utmost importance to him. If you are the type of person who likes to flirt or if you are not ready to have a serious, long-term relationship with him without any misbehaviour, he is not the right man for you. He will never be able to forgive infidelity. If he loves you, he will forgive everything. Everything except infidelity. Even if he loves you more than anything….

You can always win him over with your sensuality. How he loves women who know how to turn him on! Don’t think that just because you have him back now, you don’t have to try harder to please and seduce him. The more you try, the happier he will be and stay with you.



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